Rules and Regulations


Official BTL Guidelines, Rules & Regulations:

No unnecessary chat in the group except information requested by the group admins

Complains are not allowed here on the help team group contact available admin

Use of vulgar words/language are not allowed in the group

Information would be shared when necessary/available

Kindly observe ethical behavior when posting details.

We ask you to refrain from annoying behaviors

Do not post commercial comments on the group

Don’t exhibit rude behavior or snap at anyone

Actively participate in the group by reading previous posts

Any member who fails to obey the stated rule will automatically be banned/removed from the group

The admin and all future admins reserve the right to remove a post and to ban anyone who willfully violates the group rules and reserves the right to update and modify these rules
Contact admin for any relevant information not posted to the group


For Admin and Confirmation Room

Immediately you are confirmed for Admin fee, visit this room to drop your PH orders