Referral Program 

​Yes! Yes!! Yes!!! 

Goodnews to all BTL participants. 
We thank every participant of BTL for their support and believe in us. 

We all know how BTL have been working hard round the clock for us to a very good system that will last us year just as our name implies “BUILT TO LAST”
We now know how the system works and we have decided to more sugar to our tea to make everyone happy and also make BTL grow bigger
To make our BTL have a long life spam, we the admins have come to agreement to give you guys reward on every person you referr to BTL. 
For EACH PERSON you refer and the person PHes, you are entitled to #500. 
Now, the referral bonus is just once in a lifetime meaning you get #500 for one person you refer not not #500 for EACH PH the person makes. You  have to keep referring people to keep getting the #500.

 Note that the #500 won’t paid out until you have referred 10 people which will give you #5000. The #5000 is the payout. 
We believe with this we will keep having more participants so you and I will be happy. 

I know lots of people will by this time be brainstorming on how will the admin know I referred someone? How will they keep counting people I referred?…Hehehe..

Be happy, relax your mind all is settled.

We have a form which every member has to fill as soon as possible. If you are a member, you need to fill dis form. This form is what you will also give to new members so they can write the person that referred them. There is a space for referral name and phone number. So lets get to work.

 Everyone should feel dis form….
If you don’t FILL dis form in 24hrs, we will not allow you to PH or GH even if u have PHed
All these measures are for the betterment of the system.
Lets make BTL great. It lies in our hands… Lets keep PHing and Ghing
God bless you all as you comply.
BTL admin


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