How does it work?


You bring in two slots of 

50,000 matures in 7 days 

20,000 matures in 7 days 

10,000 matures in 7 days 

5,000 matures in 14 days 
These slots automatically gives you 150% after confirmation of Payment order.

When you want to Cash Out, you are only allowed to Cash Out one slot at a time.

After which you need to recycle one slot to serve as recommitment policy.

Immediately your recommitment pledge is paired and confirmed.

You will need to wait for 48 hours to get your second Slot out of the system

To get your recomitment pledge, you need to recomit one more slot.

It goes on and on like this for as long as possible.

This is why we are Built to Last


If you want to Bring in 20,000. You need to Bring in 30,000 into two slots.

When you are matched to pay, you will be allowed to Cash Out 30,000 first.

Then you recommit 20,000

Then you will be allowed to Cash Out the second slot.

To have access to the recommitment Pledge you recommitted, you need to recommit 20,000 again.

For registration

Our Main Room

For Admin and Confirmation Room

Immediately you are confirmed for Admin fee, visit this room to drop your PH orders

We are poised to serve you better and at the same time sustain this wonderful platform.


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