Yes, You can now earn money with Built to Last Donation Platform by doing what you have been doing with your phone.

We are looking for people that can do broadcast with their phones to all their contacts


  • Recharge card 
  • Bank Transfer

How to Win

Create a broadcast list on your whatsapp

Add all your contacts

Copy the example of advert posted below

This is Built To Last 

Built to Last was created to promote the greater good, with a particular emphasis on helping one another. We connect people through donation to provide financial assistance to each other and everybody is helped.

A peer-to-peer donation and mutual aid fund scheme for members to help other members in an efficient way is what BTL does.

It is a technically planned structure that is organised to last for a very long time, without the fear of collapsing.

We are growing in geometrical progression on a daily basis, join us today and be a financial success for life!!!

As we always look to better your experience with BTL. We are proud to inform you that we have a noticeboard now. where you can see everything about BTL. Ask questions, bring suggestions and help us build a better platform.
To know more about us kindly visit:


BTL Registration Form:


For promo task:   


Our Main Room



How to create Broadcast List with your phone


Screenshot your Broadcast List like this



After which, you will need to upload it online using prntscr.com

Lightshot is a tool allowing you to easily make screenshots of any selected area in a browser tab. You just hit Lightshot icon on the toolbar or status bar, then select area you want to make a screenshot from and click “Save” or “Upload to server”. In case of uploading you instantly get link to a screenshot you’ve just uploaded.
It is possible to resize and move selection area right in a browser tab without opening any additional applications. That makes the process very simple and easy. You also can edit your screenshots (add text, draw lines and more other functions).
There are other tricks to make screenshoting superfast:
1. Press “Ctrl” and start selecting area with a mouse. After you finish the selection, the screenshot goes directly to clipboard.
2. If you want to copy a screenshot to clipboard after you’ve selected an area just hit Ctrl+C as usual.
3. Ctrl+S makes fast save in the most recent folder (or “My Documents” if none) without showing “Save As” dialog. Use it for fast saving screenshots in the same folder.

For more tutorial



Copy the links you got from prntscr.com

Fill the form at https://goo.gl/zsbnhF

If you do everything right,


Your reward will be redeemed within 12 hours.



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