Built To Last

What is Built To Last?

Built to Last is a peer-to-peer donation and mutual aid fund scheme for members to help other members in an efficient way. By using this scheme, members gives and receives donations from each other.

What is the aim of Built to Last?
Built to Last was created to promote the greatest good, with a particular emphasis on helping one another. We connect people through donation to provide financial assistance to each other and everybody is helped.
Do I have to refer someone to earn?
To encourage participate to talk about the platfrom, there is a once in a lifetime 500 Naira for referred person and the referred person must have completed three cycles. The payout for this referral bonus is 5,000 Naira. Although there is no obligation to refer, this is just to help the platform grow. The system is designed for recycling.
I sent the donation but my reciever has not approved it?
The system is monitored through all admins at once, which the recipient of the donation will be conscious to approve the donation, you will need to contact support with proof of donation, i.e., a scanned copy of the teller or the Transaction details made through the payment processor. Simply drop the details in the support room for further investigation by the support team.
If the person assigned to pay me didnt pay, what next?
As long as you have been matched before, we will remove the sender and you will be rematched to paid by another person along with the new list that will be pasted between 8am to 10am per day..
Who is eligible to Join Built to Last?
There is no age and gender barrier in joining Built to Last. Equal benefits and donations are assigned to all and sundry
How long does it take to RECEIVE EARNINGS?
It is typically on or before 48 hours after you have paid your pledges.
Is there any Setup Fee?
Yes, Built to Last has provided a system that allows 1000 Naira admin charge per order.
How Do I Receive My Payment?
Once you have donated and have been fully approved by the admins, then you are liable to receive your payment from donors either through bank payment, transfer or by cash

How many times am I allowed to join and get assistance?

The number is unlimited. You can get assistance as many times as you like. Each time you get complete assistance a recycle is necessary.


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